Yesterday I read an interesting article from oxford text book. It's about a 63-year-old German woman who has lived her life without money for the last ten years. At the first year, it was just an experiment for her to set up a "swapping circle" in her home town, and people swapped things and services without money. However she kept doing it after the first year.


It seems like going back to the old days, very long time ago before we created the idea of "money." People in that age got foods, tools.. and things they needed by swaps. Most things they swapped are what they "needed" for living. As time went by, people started to think about the values of things, the fairness of swapping... and then created the idea of "money", and the whole system. From the historical point of view, it is a kind of evolution of the society. The system makes things easier, and people seem having rules to follow. 


But maybe everything comes 2 sides of effects. We sometimes just follow what people say without thinking. Because nowadays it's so easy to use money, and people stop thinking what they really need. Also there are so many advertisements to tell you spending your money. More you spend, more you think you have to earn. As a circle, people start to earn money by all means, and even to do things they don't like.


I do not completely agree with this German woman, but there is something I think she's right - she said, it is one mistake of our society that people do something they don't like just to earn money and spend it on things they don't really need. 


But somehow, I think it's not that easy. I mean, there are many people who don't even know what they like or what they really want. I think that's one bigger mistake of our society. Instead of leading us finding our interests, we are just taught to follow the path which they think leading to the success they have defined - To study hard, to get to a better university, and then you will get a better job, and make more money than others - it's the success. 


But is it the success you really want if you have to do things you don't enjoy at all to earn more money to buy those things you are taught you need - big house, expensive car, dressing in brands... How about your interests? Those things you enjoy? 


There are bunches way to live your life, and there is not about being right or wrong. The most important thing is just about you living happily. With money or without money, it’s fine, as long as you could find your happiness. Maybe it's the good one for you. Don't just follow the path people told you. Think and feel what you really need. Maybe you will still choose the same way to live, and it's all right because you think through it already - and that's the most important.







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